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How To Order

Do I order from gc2b.co or gc2b.io?

Gc2b.co is our US store! Orders placed here are shipped from the US. Gc2b.io is our UK store! Orders placed here are shipped from the UK. We ship worldwide from both stores!. Please view this article to learn about customs fees. If you have any troub

Where can I place an order?

Right here at this link!. Ordering from our site is super easy!. Pick out the binder you want and click on it. This will take you to a page where you can select your size and quantity. Select the size you're looking for (carefully!) and then click "A

What payment methods do you accept?

US STORE:. • credit cards. • debit cards. • PayPal. • Amazon Pay. • Afterpay. • Pre-paid debit cards that have been registered with the card provider. UK STORE:. • credit cards. • debit cards. • PayPal. • Pre-paid debit cards that have been registere

How do I use a discount code or gift card?

Discount codes and gift cards are applied during checkout!. If you are using a mobile device, you may have to click the drop-down menu to show the order summary. Click 'apply' to the right and the code will be applied to your order!. Reach out to us

What is Afterpay?

What is Afterpay?. AfterPay is a service that allows you to buy your binder today, and pay for it in four equal interest-free installments! Using this service, your payment will be split into 4 equal installments, due every two weeks. You’ll pay your

Help, I was double-charged!

This probably occurred because the first attempt to charge your card failed. • When your payments initially fail after being submitted more than once, but one of them goes through, we end up with just one completed order for you. • Each time a failed

Do you accept COD (cash on delivery)?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer COD orders at this time :(. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions at [email protected]

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