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General Order Questions

Price Adjustment Information

As of Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023, we increased the price of our Half and Full Tank binders by $2 and our Racerback binders by $1.50. These adjustments were necessary due to inflation affecting the freight, fabric price, and overall production cos

I ordered the wrong binder! What can I do?

If you contact us before your order ships out, we are able to sometimes change the size or color of your binder. If you want a different style, we are happy to cancel your order for you so that you can place one for the correct item instead!

How do I pick my nude binder color?

If you are still unsure, our care team is always happy to provide tips, advice, and recommendations! You can also check out our Instagram to see photos of people in our nude binders here.

My discount doesn't work!

If you received a discount code (store credit code) from us but it doesn't work, please let us know! We are happy to look into this further and make sure you have a discount that works.

How will this appear on my credit card/debit card/bank statement?

No worries--we are discreet! The charges will show up as 'GC2 LIK' with a transaction number attached.

What should I do if I haven't received a confirmation for my order?

It is possible that your order has landed in our "abandoned checkouts" section. This means that your order has failed, and we do not have an open order for you. Our online shopping system has strong security features, and usually, this happens when t

How often do you restock?

The US Store (gc2b.co) We restock frequently (multiple times Monday-Friday)! If the size/color/style you need isn't in stock, you can sign up for our Back In Stock alerts! You can do this on the web page for the item you need. There will be a blue bu

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