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Where Can I Find Your Sizing Chart?

Please keep in mind:. Feel free to send us an email with the following measurements. You can find more information on how to measure in our sizing video here!. If you're confused by measuring, a team member is happy to walk you through it. We will su

What Do I Do if I'm Between Sizes?

We typically recommend going for the size that aligns with your chest or shoulder measurement (whichever is the larger size). If your chest or shoulder measurement is a lower size than your other measurements, it's best to size up to ensure that you

What Size T-Shirt Should I Buy?

T-Shirt Sizing Chart (Inches):. How To Measure. Chest: Measure under your arms around the fullest part of the chest. Be sure to keep your measuring tape level across your back and comfortably loose. Waist: Measure around your waist with a measuring t

What Size Shorts Should I Buy?

Shorts Size Guide (Inches). Measurements of the Shorts. This size guide shows product measurements taken when the products are laid flat. Actual measurements may vary by up to 1" because they're custom-made by hand. Please email us at [email protected]

Why Do I Need To Take My Measurements?

Our unique sizing chart allows us to ensure the best fit by utilizing several measurements of one’s chest and shoulder width. Since everyone's body is different, taking careful measurements is the best way to ensure you get the proper size!. Your siz

I've Started HRT - Do I Need a New Binder Size?

You may need a new size after starting HRT (hormone replacement therapy). We suggest re-measuring to determine if you need to change sizes. If you experience any pain, discomfort, or breathing trouble- It's time to size up!a. If you're taking testost

I Have My Measurements - How Do I Find My Size?

Compare your largest chest measurement and your shoulder measurement to the sizing chart. If your chest and shoulder measurements do not align with the same size, choose the larger size. Now that you have found your size, it’s time to determine what

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