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Which Binder Style is Right For Me?

The style of binder that is best for you will depend on your body type and personal preference. • Don't forget that our crew can provide personalized recommendations! If our recommendation doesn't work out, we'll cover the cost of exchanging your ord

Is My Binder Too Small?

• Marks on your skin, Rubbing or pinching. • Tissue "spillage" out of the top, sides, or bottom of the binder. • Tingling or numbness. • Pain, soreness, or extreme discomfort. • Extreme difficulty in putting on / taking off your binder. • Shortness o

Is My Binder Too Big?

• You have to readjust your binder often. • Very loose shoulder straps. • There are large gaps around your armpits/shoulders. • Your binder fits like a regular tank top/doesn't bind. Take a deep breath! It's okay. We're here to help you find a better

Do You Offer Custom-Made/Fitted Binders?

No, we are not able to offer individually customized fit binders at this time. We created our binders to fit a broad range of individuals (from XS to 5XL), but we also understand that this means that there are individuals who may fall between or outs

Will the Racerback Style Work For Me?

Are you looking for a binder with thinner straps? Do you prioritize mobility in a binder? Have you found our original binders to be too constraining? If so, we highly suggest trying out our new racerback binders!. We always suggest double-checking yo

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